On - Line Petition - 10 Downing Street

During the past weeks, the Board of Trustees and supporters of the Pier have become increasingly angry and frustrated at events following the fire at Eastbourne Pier reported in the Media. As you will know, the Government have chosen to provide funding towards the repair of Eastbourne’s Pier.

Eastbourne Pier is a privately owned Pier and should have been adequately insured.  We can only make our own minds up as to the reasons the government have particularly chosen to support this Pier over all the others, except that being privately owned, it would not be eligible for Lottery funding.   Other piers in the past that have either burned down or received storm damage have not received funding in this way.

Therefore, the Board has decided to run an e-petition on the 10 Downing Street website to have a share in monies from the Government set aside for seaside Piers. 

We need considerable support in order to raise our voices and therefore, we would appreciate you getting your family, friends, colleagues and acquaintances to sign the petition. 

Herne Bay Pier wants and deserves support such as has been offered to Eastbourne.

Below is the link to go to the on-line petition.  Just copy and paste this into your Browser and you will go to the E-Petition page.  Please sign as soon as possible, as these petitions do not stay on line for very long.

Just click on the bottom box “Sign This Petition”; on the next page fill in your personal details and enter your elecgtronic signature to the petition. 

There is an option to ask for confirmation emails as to how the Petition progresses if you so wish.

We appreciate your support.

Board of Trustees


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There is still work to do as the funds come in – the window panels in the windbreak and the painting of the front of the huts by local artists from Beach Creative. These paintings will be reminiscent of old saucy seaside postcards to carry through our quirky, retro theme.

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